Monday, February 15, 2010

happy cny and vday !
may all be blessed and have a fulfilling year ahead!
went back bp on fri,
really great to see so many familiar faces :D
must enjoy these few day of cny,
as after that will be mugging days! ):
im sure the schedule will be very hectic..
but still, shall make the best out of it!

Monday, January 4, 2010

family outing to the singapore flyer on sat, but sad bro and dad didnt manage to go.
okay i think we were supposed to take the flyer, tour bus and duck tour,
but end up had to do without the duck tour cause there isnt enough time :/
so we took the tourist bus around the town area for around 40 mins,
the wind was like so huge, blowing everyone's hair like crazy.
but since it's in the night and christmas was just over,
the pretty xmas lightings were still there
and it feels quite shiock when the bus drove pass the undertunnel,
for a moment i felt like standing up on that double-deck bus :P
after that, we proceeded to the flyer.
the night view wasnt as nice as i expected,
apparently u cant really see much as it's quite dark.
ha so in the end it became a photo taking session with sis emily and nat.
went to newton circle to eat after taking the ride,
ha and it felts quite heartwarming to have 19 ppl squeezing and eating tgt, though i thought we were seriously scammed there :/

decided to watch midnight movie after eating, wanted to watch bodyguards and assasins but there's no timings for that ):
so we watched sherlock holmes.
it wasnt as exciting as what i thought, okay but maybe partly was because i was alrdy in a snoozing mode when entering the theatre.
but there were ppl snoring behind us okay XD
dont think was the movie's fault, cause i think they started snoring way before the movie starts LOL.
but overall it was still okay, the exciting scenes were more towards the end
and sherlock holmes is so brillant.
went back to hotel after that.
though i was really tired, but just cant sleep.

then sun we went to Javier's 1st bday party :D
yea he's one year old now, so fast uh.
but he still cant walk, he's just extremely good at screaming haha.
went home after that. okay thats all.
i ate alot last few days :P
so i want play badminton now ~

Friday, January 1, 2010

happy 2010 !
haha im counting down online this year.
went wcp with o5 lolers today,
quite a great day with them.
actually it feels really nice to be able to hang out with them again.
and i spent my last day of 2009 with them!
hope it will not be the last outing, though it's really quite hard to organise one.

should do a self reflection on the past events of 2009,
basically quite a hectic year with the Os.
but ya i did have much pleasant memories too,
ha like i had quite a fun and crazy year with my class.
it's time to make new year resolutions and wishes too,
this time i will make sure i try my best to keep up with the resolutions,
it's the best way out anyway.
may the new year be a fulfilling one!
sincerity still matters the most to me.

family outing on sat, cant wait.
really it seems like ages since i had a family gathering.
everyone is just busy heh.
okay time to sleep nights. happy new year! (:

Saturday, December 26, 2009

hello. haha i just finished gong xin ji, finally.
quite a nice show indeed :D
went to val's hse today to prepare the food for tmr picnic.
initially tmr's outing was planned to be a choir outing,
but apprantly most of them just cant make it at the last min,
and the most irritating part is that
some ppl just dont want to give any reply,
okay so val and i just declared
that they had disappeared from the Earth's surface.
oh come on where's ur responsibility?
if u promised to help ask, then should just keep to that,
if not at least inform us that u are unable to help right.
dont just disappear totally.
so tmr's outing change to af+wingz outing,
quite okay actually, at least the effort is not wasted but it's just kinda disappointing.

dionne and i went to pass aixin her present just now,
hope u like it girl and rmb to use the fake present (:
had a chat with them at mac,
i realised ever since sch ends,
it's been rather long since we had a chat.
haha as usual we went crazy and ya gossiped a bit also.
i miss those siao times we had in class,
laughing at the most slightest and stupid-est things ever,
it's really fun to be sitting with both of them.
haha and we had always been sitting tgt in class ever since sec3 :D
lol and i realised i can only go so crazy when im with them.

this year's christmas was rather a boring one,
basically stayed at home for the whole day
except that i went orchard at night for a while.
erm but that was weird also.
the lightings were not bad..
next fri will be a brand new year!
it's so super fast XD
gtg nights.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

started work few days ago
hmm still quite okay, ha better than doing nothing at home.
time passes quite fast
now it's alrdy dec and soon will be 2010.
last sat went to mr andrew tan's engagement party
with wingz and af.
it was held at a church
and it's the first time im attending an engagement there.
quite different from those chinese traditional ones,
it was more romantic and definately heart-warming.
ha but actually we dont really know him,
or can say only fengyu knows him,
haha so it's rather weird to be attending
one's engagement without knowing him.
he's our sec 1 history teacher,
still rmb that we kept changing history teachers that time,
thanks to him we managed to score quite well for history
as his lessons were interesting :D

after that we went lot one rooftop to play truth and dare.
haha longsiang is so truthful eh
still told us so much details XD
and u still owe us a "sorry sorry" dance !
hmm had fun chatting with them that night,
it's been really long since we all went out tgt :D
oh and i miss my tweeny!

went play badminton with them on wed,
but nvr really play much.
so we are playing again tmr :D
but it's so super farrrr from my workplace ):

okay gtg! nights.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hello, has been going out for gatherings recently.
had prom, went play badminton, outing to the west coast park
and gathering with mrs joseph.
ha was fun, esp the outing to the wcp.
went to fly kite, and i succeeded during my first attempt!
ha but it was with qixiang and zhaokai's help.
even lie on the grass with aixin while flying the kite,
haha but guess what our whole body was itching after that XD
later on we went to play the structures,
omg it has been so long
since i enjoyed myself so much in the playground.
i remembered while i was young,
i will always go to the playground near my grandma's house
with my bro,sis and cousins,
and every time we will have so much fun tgt.
great childhood memories.
oh and poor aixin broke her slippers cause she has to push me
as i was stuck in the middle. sorry !
oh and not to forget climbing the pyramids,
though i was so scared in the beginning
but ya it was still as fun~

the day before i went play badminton
with aggy,val,jas,jessie,brandon and hanxiong.
after three long hours of game,
we were all exhausted!
esp so after playing our own created game,
with two shuttlecocks flying in the air at the same time.
go try that, this game can really help to train ur stamina
and burn ur fats hahaha.

on sat afternoon, i went gym with aggy.
the last time we went was like after prelims,
which was around two months ago.
ha so as expected, i felt so tired while running.
getting old liao lol.
then after that went to meet the rest at bp interchange
to go mrs joseph's house.
but in the end we went ccab as her house was under renovating.
mrs joseph is such a nice person,
she booked us a ktv room and treated us pizza and kfc.
stayed till around ten and went home with the rest,
but ccab is situated such a great distance away from my home
and i only managed to reach home at 11.30.
though i dont really have much restrictions,
but i dont like the feeling of reaching home late.
esp when my dad is not around this few days,
no one to pick me up from mrt station haha.
lol but is not because im afraid of anything,
just dont like the feeling.
since i've been going out for the whole last week,
i shall stay at home next week :D
ha but the word "boring" just flashed through my mind.

Be sincere in both heart and actions.
i believe in that, but the ppl around me just proven it wrong.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


yeap im back.
ha but doubt anyone is here, dead blog.
decided to change the skin
looks so much simpler, i like (:
holidays are really boring,
it's been such a long long time
since i've a holiday with nothing to do.
yea no homework and project stuff.
feels really relaxing but ya at the same it's a bit of bored.
actually while in the midst of the exams,
i had a strong craving for reading chinese books
haha i dont know why.
but just find that i can indulge in my own world while reading chinese books,
can learn alot too.
ya so now with nothing on hand, i can finally read.
but im also looking for jobs,
recommend me if there's any vacancies !

oh ya and ytd was PROM NIGHT.
a great and fabulous one.
ha really had loads of fun, dancing, screaming
and not to forget waving our napkins in the air !
many thanks to the organizing commitee and schmates
who made the night an unforgettable one.
believe bp really gave us loads of wonderful memories,
do really really hope all of us will still remain in close contact
even after we leave the sch.

okay time to go nights!